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ScarFM (Sayitloud Radio) is a black community radio station based in Southampton formed in late 2020.


The Station traces its early roots from the  90s , where a collection of individuals from the black community Jimi Jon ,Scratch Gordon and Keith Richards  set up PCRS (People’s choice radio station) broadcasting live but underground where it gained thousands of followers in Southampton until its demise in 1991.


However, it returned under many guises through the 90s and again 2003/2004 when it broadcast on Unity24 (Now unity 101). In 2020 Jimi Jon, Sal Chitulu, Scratch Gordon and TC from MAKA foundation revived the brand as an internet radio station.

The station will provide a broadcast service that informs, entertains and actively represents and promotes the black heritage, culture, traditions, music and artists, acting as an agent of cohesion through which all black and other communities  in Southampton  can unite and flourish.


We aim to create a medium through which communities in Southampton and the surrounding areas, can express their views and opinions, whilst keeping in touch with their culture and roots.


“We aim to be the local radio sound, made and presented by local people”. We will be dedicated to representing the many underserved members or groups within our city that do not get access to the airwaves via a vibrant and black led schedule of music, speech and creative programming. The station will encourage constructive partnerships with similar organisations.


The station will aim to work with the community and voluntary sectors to promote and communicate their activities within the wider community including peer education projects.


BLUR:  “Local radio sound made and presented by local people”

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